When you download an invoice or send it to your customer from Invoice Falcon, the invoice is sent as a PDF with the file name being the name of the order. That is, if the order for which you are generating the invoice is ‘#1089’, then the filename will be ‘#1089.pdf’. In this article, we’ll walk you through how you can change this to a name of your choice.

Click on Invoice Settings in the left menu bar of our application. You’ll see a few settings that look like this -

an image alt text

In the section labelled “Download/attachment filename”, you’ll find a text field where you can change the name of the PDF file. We’ve exposed a few liquid variables that you can use to further customise the name.

This will resolve to the name of your Shopify store in the file name.

This variable will resolve to the name of the order for which the invoice was generated. For example - ‘IFS-1080-EN’, ‘#1089’ etc.

This variable will resolve to the specific number of the invoice. Use this variable if you have a custom invoice numbering sequence or if you’re using a number prefix. For example - ‘ABRN1239090’, ‘INV-987899’

Example - if you’d like your filename to ‘FalconStore - Invoice ABRNH12340 for Order #1089’, then you can set up the text in the field as - ‘{{shop.name}} - Invoice {{invoice.number}} for Order {{order.name}}’

Make sure to click ‘Save’ after you’re done! Your existing invoices will be automatically updated to include the changes you made here the next time it’s printed, sent or downloaded. :)