With Invoice Falcon, our goal is to help Shopify store owners worldwide with their invoicing needs. As a 2 person team (and a small business owner ourselves), we understand that it’s important to be careful of your costs in the initial days of starting your business. That’s why we’ve crafted a Pay-as-you-go starter pricing plan, so that you can worry less about the costs and spend more time focusing on the core needs of your entrepreneurial journey!

Starting from the date you subscribe to the Pay-as-you-go plan, you get 50 invoices to print, send or download absolutely FREE until the same date in the next month. If, and only if, you end up printing, sending or downloading more than 50 invoices in this time period, we charge a small usage fee of $9.99 to your store. But along with this usage charge, you get access to UNLIMITED invoices for the rest of that time period. We will notify you via email if you’ve been charged for a particular month.

Your 50 invoices limit is reset every month. This means that if you end up being charged a usage fee for a particular month, your limit will be reset and you will not be charged a usage fee for the next month if you do not print, send or download more than 50 invoices in that month.

For example - If you signed up to our Pay-as-you-go plan on Dec 12, then your billing cycles will be Dec 12 - Jan 11, Jan 12 - Feb 11 and so on. If you use more than 50 invoices in the Dec 12 - Jan 11 cycle, the $9.99 usage fee will be added to your next Shopify bill. In the next Jan 12 - Feb 11 cycle, you will get 50 free invoices again and you will not be charged if you do not cross the monthly limit.

To see your limit reset date, please click on the ‘Pricing & Plans’ tab in the top right corner of our app. You can also click on this link - See my reset date in Invoice Falcon

At Invoice Falcon, we are dedicated to helping you succeed with your business. If you are not sure about the usage fee charged to your store or if you feel that you have been charged incorrectly, please let us know via the Customer Support widget within Invoice Falcon or via email at [email protected] Rest assured that if there is any issue on our part, we’ll make sure to issue a refund at the earliest.