A credit note is the opposite of an invoice - it’s an official document to show your customer that a partial or full amount has been credited back to them. Credit notes are also known as return invoices in some countries. In effect, a credit note might either cancel an invoice out completely if it’s for the same amount as the invoice, or it might be for less than the invoice.

In Invoice Falcon, credit notes have the same structure and template as your invoices. They will follow the same design settings as that of your invoices, with only minor changes/updates to reflect that it’s a credit note and not an actual invoice.

You can manually generate credit notes for any invoice in Invoice Falcon. Follow these steps below to do so -

Credit note for existing invoices/orders

  1. To create a credit note for an existing invoice or order, click on the ‘Invoices’ tab in the left menu bar.
  2. Next, click on the order name/invoice number.
  3. This will take you to the Invoice Preview page.
  4. Click on ‘More’ dropdown -> ‘Create Credit Note’
  5. The credit note will be automatically generated and you can print, download or send it to your customer.

New credit note

  1. Click on the ‘Credit notes’ tab in the left menu bar.
  2. Click on ‘Create new credit note’
  3. This will take you to our Document Editor, where you can add your details as needed.